Benefits of IntiSense over Manual Quality Control

  • intiSense eliminates the scope of human errors
  • Can work 24/7, without breaks
  • Accuracy levels of intiSense are unachievable manually
  • Increases production and therefore, revenue
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Makes the operation process more efficient

Business Performance Enhancement

In order to take action to improve business performance, we offer a fully integrated and automated system up and running in days rather than months.

Our integrated system is accessible at any time including the automation linked tools:

  • Automatically creates task lists with escalating e-mail
  • Reminders and overdue action-item reminders
  • Track and report product non conformances and corrective actions
  • Scheduling, conducting, and reporting audits
  • Product specification, verification, and validation

Track & Trace

  • Track Tracer is a perfect solution to fight the challenges that duplication of products introduces into businesses.
  • It generates an activity report that includes information on Batch Details, Audit Trail, Batch Production, Materials Used, Verification Results, and much more.
  • Managers can access this information at any time to keep a real-time check on the product status.